Concert Series in Vienna

We used the impressive baroque Salvator Hall for three concert series (and a few special concerts) in 2010. The mahogany cycles in November of 2010 through 2015 are now past (see our Archive).

We call them Mahagony-Cycles, because our almost exactly 100 years old Bösendorfer grand piano (mahogany veneer) is the special asset

This excellently restored grand, 220 cm long, was built under Ludwig Bösendorfer in 1908, and this can be heard and seen. From the beginning it was equipped with an excellent English action, but in the course of the restoration a Sostenuto (middle pedal) was added. Ludwig Bösendorfer inspected each finished instrument himself.

Ludwig Bösendorfer

Norman Shetler first played the mahogany grand piano on 17 February 2009 in Salvator Hall and opened our first mahogany cycle:

Norman Shetler am Mahagoni

Georgieva / Bouffa
Joelle Bouffa and Milena Georgieva performing in the MJ memorial concert on 16 April 2010 at Salvator Hall

This is a short survey on Video of this concert

Mahogany Series 2017: Cannot be carried out.
Please see German page.


For several years our concerts in Vienna have featured many of our long term musician friends.

Barnabitengasse 14

The ticket price for one concert will be EUR 20,- .

Discounts for members of the Ö1-Club (20 %), students (50%) and families (all pay half price) are offered.

You can order tickets by phone (+43 (0)664 143 20 97) or via the Internet:

Ticket ordering (One concert).

Ticket ordering (More than one concert).

Free choice of seats - come early!