Niederfellabrunn Castle

The main block facing the street was erected just before the turn to the 17th century.

After the " Herren von Fellabrunn", a noble family first mentioned around 1115, the castle had many owners, such as the Abensberg-Traun and Wilczek families.

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Very old picture postcards (around 1900) show the village Niederfellabrunn here.

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Concerning the the photo with the dog in the foreground: Our Magyar Vizsla Timo in the summer landscape around Niederfellabrunn (photo taken 2004). In the background just the tops of the two towers of the castle protrude; more to the left, still further away, a Hallstatt period (bronze age) Tumulus can be seen. If you want to see this picture with high resolution you can download it here.

Einfahrt zum Hof Hof mit nordwestseitigem Turm südwestseitiger Turm vom Garten aus südwestseitiger Turm vom Garten aus nordwestseitiger Turm vom Wirtschaftshof aus Lautenspieler im Hof Solistenkonzert: Jaqueline Roscheck, Walter Riemer (1992)
Blick in den Garten Im Garten des Schlosses Herbst Hausspruch Park im Winter Hornquartett im Hof Landschaft um Niederfellabrunn

Joseph von Eichendorff, the well-known poet of German romanticism, mentions visits to the castle in his diary.

The wife of Count Walsegg, whose decease led her husband to order the requiem from Mozart, was born in Niederfellabrunn castle. A very interesting Link in this context is Look at Niederfellabrunn in Gallery 2!

One of the first performances of Mozart's Requiem took place in the neighbouring village Niederhollabrunn (Niederfellabrunn is now a part of Niederhollabrunn).

From very old cultural soil in these days a new cultural/musical initiative has emerged.